Mitta Mitta River White Water Rafting

One of Victoria's most acclaimed white water rafting experiences.

Mitta Mitta River White Water Rafting

Solid Rafting Fun amongst Picturesque Surrounds

Travel time from Melbourne: 5 to 6 hours

Rapid Grades: 3 – 4

Many claim that the Mitta Mitta River offers the best white water rafting experience in the state of Victoria, and upon further inspection it’s not hard to see why – carving its way through some tumultuous sections of the Victorian High Country including steep ravines and rocky gorges, the Mitta Mitta is a challenging destination for rafters with fast-flowing waters and sections of rapids that range from grades 3 to 4. The degree of challenge and the water levels of the Mitta Mitta are notorious for their affinity to change quickly from season to season depending on rainfall, so it’s important to check with your rafting tour operator beforehand to see what conditions are like (or usually like around the time you are planning your rafting trip).

The natural environs that surround the Mitta Mitta are likewise a huge drawcard outside of just the rafting experience itself – if you’re looking for a tour that provides a complete emphasis on Australian wildlife and flora, then it’s a great destination of choice as you can expect to see not only the river’s crystal clear water but also unique Aussie animals such as lyrebirds, cockatoos, wallabies and perhaps even that rarest of the rare creatures that inhabits the region, the platypus. The prime season for white water rafting on the Mitta Mitta is generally the months from August to November due to consistent water levels, and this being the peak of Spring only serves to further heighten the degree of natural beauty in the area as plants and flowers reach their full bloom and wildlife are at their most active.

Overall, the Mitta Mitta offers a decent balance between challenge and enjoyment over the course of around 18 kilometres worth of pristine mountain water environments, so if you’re willing to put in the time and make the (not insignificant) trek from Melbourne, then it’s one of the best choices for a rafting adventure in Victoria you could make.

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